Management Reporting

You may be asking, “What is the use of producing management reports”?


Many companies produce financial reports which are for external use i.e. for their Bank Manager or for the Tax Agent/Accountant to assist in preparing the year end financial statements. Predominantly, these reports are of a historical nature and any decisions requiring to be made from these reports will mostly be implemented too late.

However, what is more important is the availability of financial reports with up to date information that will assist business owners and senior management in the internal decision making process. Rainest provides such a service.

Rainest specialise in using estimates of future expenses and revenues, known as budget targets, to help you identify inefficiencies in your Company. Our management reports assist companies to control costs and manage cash flow. Basically, these type of reports will identify the contributing factors upon which business owners and senior management can base their decisions. These decisions will then help in the managing of the business as not only do these reports calculate costs, but identify areas where cost savings can be effected in the future. Management reports, if set up correctly, will generate “what if” scenarios based upon company requirements for cash flow and investment purposes.

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Management Reporting

Contact us today to arrange a discussion on how we can help you with management reporting for your Company. More...

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