Bookkeeping & Payroll

Do you always find that you reach the time when your GST is due and wonder how am I going to get everything processed in time? Or, you suddenly remember that payroll has to be prepared and wish you had help?

Well, here's the answer! Contact Rainest today.

We will meet with you to discuss how we can fit in with your timetable. Rainest can provide you with affordable bookkeeping and payroll services - starting from as little as $100 + GST per month. We will ensure your day to day accounting information is constantly updated so that when it's GST time, very little work is required to prepare the return. Being focused on deadlines and getting the results needed, we ensure your accounting system is able to provide you with current and accurate information.

Rainest are trained and qualified in a variety of payroll systems, both desktop and cloud based systems. Three of the most common payroll systems we use for our existing client base are Smart Payroll, MYOB Payroll and XERO Payroll. We can prepare your payrun and ensure you receive the information on time to pay your employees. On the other hand most of the modern cloud based payroll systems we use offer direct payment to employees, preparation and filing of all payroll returns, and emailing of payslips direct to the employee. This removes the need for you to ensure you remember to prepare the pays and allows you to focus on your business.

Our Services


Accounting Services

We are able to provide a variety of tailor made systems. More...


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Rainest Payroll services are very simple and easy to implement. More...


Xero & MYOB

We also support both new and existing BankLink users. More XERO... More MYOB...


Training & Support

Rainest will provide you with training and support following any installation or where we takeover an existing system. More...



We will go out of our way to ensure you remain tax compliant at all times as we value our partnership with you. More...


Management Reporting

Contact us today to arrange a discussion on how we can help you with management reporting for your Company. More...

Our Advantages

  • We provide trained people

    No requirement for your accounting person/s to be up-skilled. No employment issues or leave pay to consider.

  • Confidentiality and accountability guaranteed

    A real business partner


Additional resources available

Additional resources available for use by business owners to work on business development, not on paper work

Financial control will be achieved

Financial control will be achieved